4 Ways that the New Artemis Defender Keeps You and Your Family Safe

Safety devices are the one industry that haven't had any updates in 20+ years, and a new device is already gaining cult popularity for it's innovative features.

“I bought 3 for everyone in my family, especially my wife and my daughters... the minute I saw this I knew everyone needed it."
John L
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Instant Activation of Top-Tier Safety Features
Experience unparalleled safety with Artemis Defender's swift deployment of advanced features such as blinding light, pepper gel, and an ear-piercing siren. Take control of your safety within seconds of feeling threatened, with additional emergency alerts automatically sent to your loved ones, ensuring peace of mind in any situation.
Rapid Physical Defense with Blinding Light & Pepper Gel
Artemis Defender empowers you with a Blinding Light and Pepper Gel Spray for rapid protection against threats. Disorient attackers instantly with a powerful burst of light and deter them effectively with pepper gel. This efficient defense system guarantees your ability to defend yourself confidently in any circumstance.
Sends Real-Time Text Alerts To Loved Ones
Stay connected and informed with Artemis Defender's real-time text alerts to your trusted contacts. When triggered, instantly notify your loved ones of your location and situation, offering them reassurance and providing you with peace of mind.
Only Device To Provide Video Recordings of Incidents
Artemis Defender captures crucial moments with its video recording feature, providing evidence and documentation of any incidents. With a simple activation, you can record video footage of any situation, ensuring that you have a reliable record in case of emergencies or confrontations. This powerful tool not only enhances your safety but also provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a visual record of events should you need it.
3,000+ Pre-Orders for a Reason
"As a dad who's always concerned about my family's safety, reading about Artemis Defender's instant safety features was a game-changer. The thought of being able to deploy blinding light and pepper gel at the push of a button provides a sense of reassurance I never knew I needed. Plus, knowing that my loved ones would receive real-time alerts if I ever found myself in a tough spot is priceless. Can't wait to get my hands on one!"
"I recently came across Artemis Defender online, and as a father of two, I was immediately intrigued. The idea of having a device that could deploy blinding light and pepper gel for rapid protection is something every dad needs in their arsenal. The added bonus of video recordings of incidents for legal purposes is just icing on the cake. I'm definitely considering investing in one for the safety of my family."
"Being a dad means always putting my family's safety first. After reading about Artemis Defender and its innovative features, I knew it was something I had to look into. The concept of sending real-time text alerts to loved ones in case of emergencies is a game-changer for me. Plus, having the ability to capture video recordings of incidents could be invaluable in protecting my family. I'm seriously considering getting one for that added peace of mind."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Artemis Defender lethal?

The Artemis Defender is not a lethal weapon. It is designed as a non-lethal self-defense tool with the purpose of ensuring personal safety. The Artemis Defender is equipped with various defense features, such as pepper spray gel, an emergency siren, and a built-in flashlight, all aimed at protecting the user from potential threats. It provides a means to deter and incapacitate attackers temporarily while offering the user the means to escape or seek help. The emphasis is on personal safety and protection without causing lethal harm.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life of the Artemis Defender is measured in months. Thanks to its energy-efficient design and advanced power management, the battery can last for an extended period before needing a recharge. This extended battery life ensures that the Artemis Defender remains reliable for your personal safety needs over an extended period, reducing the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the Artemis app provides you with alerts when the device's battery is running low, ensuring that you're aware when it's time for a recharge, and you can always count on your Artemis Defender to be ready when you need it.

Why should I buy this instead of pepper spray or a gun?

The Artemis Defender offers a unique and compelling alternative to traditional self-defense options like pepper spray or firearms for several reasons. Unlike guns, the Artemis Defender is a non-lethal self-defense tool, designed to temporarily incapacitate attackers without causing fatal harm. This makes it a safer choice for personal protection, reducing the risk of unintended consequences or the need for extensive training (like firearms).

The Artemis Defender is also versatile - with additional features that offer multifunctional utility in various self-defense scenarios, providing you with more tools for personal protection i different situations.

Additionally, unlike guns (or just pepper spray alone) The Artemis Defender connects to a dedicated app that provides additional features such as emergency alerts to dedicated contacts when the Defender is triggered, location tracking and video recording of all incidents.

There is nothing like the Artemis Defender currently on the market. It is a next generation safety device that offers unparalleled physical and digital defense and protection.

How big is the device?

The Artemis Defender is approximately the same size as an iPhone XS Max, measuring approximately 5 inches in height.

When will I receive my product?

The Artemis Defender is set to release in 2024. Once you've placed your order, you can expect to receive continual updates on the release schedule to keep you informed about the delivery timeline.

How often should I expect updates on launch timeline?

You can expect to receive regular updates on the Artemis Defender's launch timeline. We understand the importance of keeping our customers well-informed, and we will provide updates as significant milestones are reached in the production and release process. We aim to keep you in the loop to ensure a transparent and seamless experience leading up to the product's launch in 2024. Your satisfaction and confidence in our product are our top priorities.